SNMPE awards 2020 technology innovation award

Technological innovation has become a strategic axis of the business environment of the energy mining sector because it promotes efficiency and productivity, as well as the strengthening of human capital. The president of the SNMPE Technology and Innovation Committee, Edward Alarcón, reported that In this eighth edition of the Award for Technological Innovation in the Energy Mining Sector -which was developed in a virtual way-, a new category was incorporated in order to highlight an industry sector that in recent years has had great growth how are startups. In this way, the technology works and/or projects that were presented in this edition of the Technological Innovation Award competed in the Innovative Company, Excellence Provider, Innovative Startup, and Innovative Academic categories. In the Innovative Startup category, the SNMPE awarded first place to the company Tumi Robotics for its program “Tumi Robotics – Mining Exploration Solutions”. As part of the award ceremony, the vice president of the SNMPE Technology and Innovation Committee, Rafael Estrada, presented each of the winners with a painting designed by the renowned Peruvian artist Cherman Kino, which represents the link between the popular art of our country with technology and the energy mining sector.